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pocket operator modular 16

pocket operator modular 16

庫存單位: TE019AS016

the POM-16 is a stand alone keyboard with individual tuneable keys and a programmable step sequencer. designed to send cv, gate, midi, and po sync to control the POM 400 or other synthesizers.

    • powder coated aluminum chassis
    • keyboard and sequencer
    • stores up to 64 patterns
    • battery power option
    • screwdriver and an illustrated build guide also included.


    請注意 !

    1. 本商品產品經拆封後, 除商品品質出現瑕疵外, 將無法提供退換貨服務.

    2. 本商品產品組裝前請詳閱說明, 金屬件折彎前請務必再次確認折彎方向, 一但折彎金屬件後, 反折會造成金屬件損壞或斷裂, 此問題將不在保固範圍內, 請注意 !

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